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It’s Unbreakable: 3 Interesting Facts About the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII

During WWII, the US government needed to devise a new way to communicate through codes. The military had been successful in using Native American languages during WWII, but after Germany and Japan sent students to the United States to learn those languages, the United States could no longer depend on the security of their old system of coding. Eventually, the US Army decided on the Navajo language to be their new system. The Navajo language is so complex that the military hoped they could utilize it for top-secret military codes. Here are three facts that you might not know about the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII. It Started with Just 29 Men In 1942, 29 Navajo men gathered at Camp Pendleton in California. Their task was to develop a code based entirely on the Navajo language. One of the reasons that the Navajo language was chosen is that there is no written form—it is based entirely on verbal communication. That meant that there would be no written form of the language for the enemy to gather information from. Another reason it was chosen was that only native Navajo Indians knew the language. Since that number was dwindling, the government felt confident that the code would remain with those 29 men. The Code Was Unbreakable Once the basic code was developed, the US army wanted to make sure that it would be unbreakable. To ensure that, the 29 code talkers took their code and created two additional layers of security to it. Word Association The Navajo code talkers took basic words from their own language and applied them directly to war... read more

Creating A Home Office That You Will Adore

Setting up your home office is crucial to your work-at-home success. You need to have an office where you are able to fully concentrate, yet be able to let your thoughts flow freely when necessary. When creating your home office atmosphere, there are several areas that require careful thought and consideration. Location The location of your home office is a critical consideration. The location of your office should be far enough away from other high-traffic areas and the noise level of the other parts of your home. When you enter your home office door, you should be able to feel this distance. Space In order to fill the room that you have chosen for your office with adequate office equipment, you need to have enough space. The office equipment items that you will definitely need will include a desk, an office chair, lighting accessories, a computer, a printer, shelving and a nice place to sit back and relax when you are not sitting at your desk. It does not have to be a large room, but it needs to be roomy enough to be comfortable without feeling claustrophobic. Lighting The lighting in the room of your home office is definitely high priority. If that little room in the corner of your house has no windows and feels like a cave, it would probably not be a good choice. Choosing a room with at least one window is best. Not only does the lighting affect your vision, but it will greatly affect your overall mood. You want to make coming in to this room a pleasurable and positive experience. That... read more

What You Need To Become An EMT

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) work in a variety of roles rescuing victims from accidents and disasters. They are often the first ones on the scene for emergencies. If you are thinking about pursuing this career, then you will need to go through training. Read on to find out how to become an EMT in your local community. Meet Requirements To Attend An EMT Course To start a career as an emergency medical technician, you must get approved for an EMT training program. The requirements are a high school diploma or GED and a clean criminal record. EMTs also must have sharp senses like good color vision and eyesight. Being physically fit is another requirement. You have to move and lift people. Other beneficial qualities are alertness, manual dexterity and the ability to control your emotions. Complete The Training Course Every state requires EMTs to be licensed. For this reason, license requirements vary from state to state. There are three levels of training, such as basic, intermediate and paramedic training. Basic Training Basic training is the first level of certification for emergency medical technicians. The course may include 100 hours of training in cardiac and respiratory emergencies, major disasters and childbirth. Other subjects covered are blood stoppage, airway management, moving bodies, CPR training, patient assessment and trauma management. Intermediate Training Intermediate training goes more in-depth to cover life support care. Students can learn about the advanced principles of intravenous treatment, medication administration and trauma management. This training program consists of 30 to 350 hours of clinical and classroom instructions depending on your state.  You may also be required to complete an... read more

5 Signs You’re Well Suited For A Career In Cosmetology

A career in cosmetology can be extremely rewarding for those who are up for the challenge. Specifically, a cosmetologist may assist with the cutting and styling of a client’s hair, the skilled application of a client’s makeup, or a combination of both on any given day. Wondering if you’re well suited for a career in cosmetology? Consider whether some or all of the following apply to you! You Enjoy Experimenting With Hair and/or Makeup First of all, understand that working as a cosmetologist involves a responsibility to stay up-to-date on the latest makeup and hair trends. In other words, you have to really enjoy playing with makeup and hairstyles if you want cosmetology to be a viable career for (not just a hobby) in the long-term. You’ve Been Told You’re Easy to Talk To Cosmetologists typically work with several very different clients on a daily basis; and with each client you work with, there’s a good chance that you’ll spend an hour or more with them. This is where it’s important to be able to strike up and maintain a conversation with just about anyone about anything. Otherwise, this can make for an awkward appointment with your client. Loved Ones Are Always Coming to You For Hair/Makeup Help Are you alreadyyour loved ones’ go-to person for all things hair and makeup? Perhaps your relatives are always asking you to do their hair for them for special events, or perhaps your best friend is always coming to you for makeup advice or demonstrations.  You Don’t Want a Monotonous, Predictable Job The nice thing about working as a cosmetologist is that, more than... read more

Tips For Adult Learners Going To College

If you are an adult that is considering going back to college after a long period away, you might worry about returning to high school. You might feel that a lot of time has passed between learning calculus and now or that you might not have enough time for it. Here are some tips for adult learners in order to make the process as smooth as possible. 1. Find Colleges That Have Strong Support for Adult Learners Some colleges are great for adult learners who have to balance a job, kids, and many other responsibilities on top of trying to earn their degrees. Other schools put more effort into wooing younger, traditional students. In order to find a school that is going to work for you, you are going to need to find a college that has a decent infrastructure for adult learners. This means a strong commuter community, day care classes if you are forced to take a day class, a wide variety of night classes that will allow you to complete your degree, a wide variety of online classes that allow you to take the tests and do the assignments whenever you can, and a set of guidance counselors specifically reserved for adult learners. Make sure that you do the research to find colleges that have these support systems in place. One buzzword that might help you find colleges that are supportive of adult learners is “nontraditional students.” Look for this phrase when perusing college sites. 2. Take Some Free, Open Online Courses to Get Back in Learning Shape You wouldn’t try to run a marathon without... read more

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