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Staying In School

Creating A Home Office That You Will Adore

Setting up your home office is crucial to your work-at-home success. You need to have an office where you are able to fully concentrate, yet be able to let your thoughts flow freely when necessary. When creating your home office atmosphere, there are several areas...

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What You Need To Become An EMT

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) work in a variety of roles rescuing victims from accidents and disasters. They are often the first ones on the scene for emergencies. If you are thinking about pursuing this career, then you will need to go through training. Read...

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Tips For Adult Learners Going To College

If you are an adult that is considering going back to college after a long period away, you might worry about returning to high school. You might feel that a lot of time has passed between learning calculus and now or that you might not have enough time for it. Here...

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About Me

My father worked hard for our family, but that doesn’t mean that he loved his job. He worked as a day laborer, a job that was as hard on his back as it was on his ego. To give his children a better life, he scrimped and saved to provide us with enough money to go to college. I chose to stay in school to become a doctor, and my career has been filled with incredible successes. I want other people to realize the importance of staying in school, so I made this blog dedicated to getting your college education.