Setting up your home office is crucial to your work-at-home success. You need to have an office where you are able to fully concentrate, yet be able to let your thoughts flow freely when necessary. When creating your home office atmosphere, there are several areas that require careful thought and consideration.


The location of your home office is a critical consideration. The location of your office should be far enough away from other high-traffic areas and the noise level of the other parts of your home. When you enter your home office door, you should be able to feel this distance.


In order to fill the room that you have chosen for your office with adequate office equipment, you need to have enough space. The office equipment items that you will definitely need will include a desk, an office chair, lighting accessories, a computer, a printer, shelving and a nice place to sit back and relax when you are not sitting at your desk. It does not have to be a large room, but it needs to be roomy enough to be comfortable without feeling claustrophobic.


The lighting in the room of your home office is definitely high priority. If that little room in the corner of your house has no windows and feels like a cave, it would probably not be a good choice. Choosing a room with at least one window is best. Not only does the lighting affect your vision, but it will greatly affect your overall mood. You want to make coming in to this room a pleasurable and positive experience. That is when you will be most productive. There are many ways to make your room light up. With the use of overhead lighting, your window lighting and lamps, your room will spark your initiative and create good feelings.


This is where you can really have fun. It is your office. You can do whatever you want to it. There is no sharing it with co-workers who may grumble and groan at your unique taste in office equipment. If you like the color red, go with it. If your idea of a great office is filled with pictures of giraffes, you can put those on your walls too. The important thing when decorating your office is to choose the office equipment that you are most comfortable with. An adequate desk with some drawers and pull out keyboard shelf is ideal. You will also need an ergonomically correct chair for good posture, as you may be sitting for long periods of time. Storage for your items is best served with some great bookshelves. This will keep your room neat and tidy.