Joining the military is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life, but it is also one that can feel as though you are leaving your old world behind, and all the opportunities that went with it. While your life will definitely change in some respects, that does not mean you have to sacrifice some of the more important aspects of growing up and becoming a fully-fledged member of society. If you are in the military or are considering joining, then you can still go to college or university through online programs that are built specifically for you. 

Can You Be Active In The Army And Still Go To College?

The simple answer is absolutely, and many thousands of servicemen and women are currently doing just that. While you may not be able to be on campus, that does not mean you cannot participate in courses, study, and graduate the same way as those who are. There are many specific colleges and universities that offer courses made for people in the military. The coursework may be slightly adjusted, and you will likely be given more leeway with the modules you have to complete and the deadlines, but for most people, this is not really an issue at all, and the army, navy, or airforce wants you to be as educated and well set-up after you retire as possible.

How To Find An Online University For The Military

There are many different options you can take, but first of all, you need to narrow down what course you want to enroll in. Whether that is in the public service sector (like criminology) or something more entrepreneurial (like business or finance), once you have your desired course narrowed down, start searching for universities that specifically say they cater to the military. The benefit of that is not only will your professors and tutors be familiar with your situation so you won't have to constantly explain it, but you will also often get great discounts.

Save Money

A lot of educational institutions want to support those in the armed forces, as well as those who have already served. Even if you are not an active member of any branch of the military, a lot of these places would still love for you to enroll in online colleges for the military. Generally, tuition fees are lower, and you can access several types of grants such as the military tuition assistance program that might just cover the whole thing. So not only do you not have to give up college to join the military, they may end up paying for your education. 

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